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WLtoys V282 Quadcopter Wl toys V282 Quadcopter and V282 parts list

WLtoys V282 Quadcopter,Wl toys V282 Quadcopter UFO ,WLtoys V282 Model

(Color:Red&Blue/ Green&Purple)
Usual price:$189 No Free Shipping
Today only $-- Free Shipping worldwide
(5-14 days to arrive By EMS)

Option Select-WL V282 Quadcopter-Biggest in the World:
Option 1
Usual price:$189
Today $139
Free shipping
Option 2
Usual price:$259
Today $175
Free shipping
Option 3
Usual price:$329
Today $210
Free shipping
Option 4
Usual price:$199
Today $174
Free shipping
Option 5
Usual price:$387
Today $275
Free shipping

Must Note:

Option 1 means:1 Standard configuration Quadcopter ( ready to fly,Battery*1,Charger&Balance charger*1,Transmitter*1,Quadcopter body*1,Mannul*1,blades*4;);

Option 2 means:1 Standard configuration Quadcopter + 2 Extra 1000mah battery + 2 extra set blades(4pcs);

Option 3 means:1 Standard configuration Quadcopter + 4 Extra 1000mah battery + 4 extra set blades(4pcs);

Option 4 means:1 Standard configuration Quadcopter + 1 extra 2000mah battery + 1 extra set blades(4pcs);

Option 5 means:1 Standard configuration Quadcopter + 4 extra 2000mah battery + 4 extra set blades(4pcs);

WLtoys V282 Quadcopter

Item number: WL V282 Quadcopter
Product size: 51cmx51cmx5 CM
Packing size: 72cmx11cmx56 CM
Channel: 6.5 CHANNELS
Function: Ascend, Descend, Forward,Backward,
Turn left, Turn right
Left and right side fly, hover, light, full roll, hand thrown off
Control Type: 2.4GHZ
Control range: 100 METERS
Battery capacity: 7.4v 850MAH
Flying time: 7-8 MINUTES
Charge time: 60 MINUTES
Colors available: YELLOW/RED

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