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WL V911 helicopter parts-19 3.7V Li-Poly wl v911 battery

WL V911 helicopter parts-19 3.7V Li-Poly WL v911 battery


Real lithium battery 4 .. 4 cm long, 1.45 cm wide.Innovative design, no the ordinary wire interface.Interface directly connected to the battery with metal joints, wear, and do not have to worry about bad contact or damage.The battery quality raw materials, charging ability.Under normal circumstances, if it is fully charged, can fly about 12 minutes.How we can extend the flight time?This and related to the operation of proficiency.Just like driving a car, will be open, and you can save gasoline, will not open, you may consume a lot of gasoline.In addition, after use, good battery should be protected and stored in a dry place.

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