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SongYang X30 Quadcopter and SongYang toys X30 Parts List

SongYang toys X30 Quadcopter SongYang X30 Quadcopter SongYang X30 RC drone battery

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SY X30 Helicopter

Item description: 4.5 CHANNELS RC Quadcopter WITH GYRO
Item number: SongYang X30 Quadcopter
Product size: 37.5cm*37.5cm
Package size: 56*38.2*12.5 CM
Channel: 4.5 CHANNELS
Function: Ascend, Descend, Forward,Backward,
Turn left, Turn right,Automatic demonstration, hover, left side fly ,right side fly
Control Type: 2.4GHZ
Control range: METERS
Battery capacity: MAH
Flying time: 8-10 MINUTES
Charge time: 120 MINUTES
GW / NW: .35/12.3 KG
Carton size: 112.5*39*77 CM

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