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syma s107c syma 107c rc helicopter and syma s107c parts List

syma s107c helicopter and syma 107c rc helicopter

SYMA S107C RC Helicopter
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The syma s107c to aerial alloy remote control airplane

The syma s107c helicopter aerial Features:

1, has a camera, you can capture your favorite screen;

2, the video features, large memory card, high-altitude video, such as wedding live video, adding to the activities atmosphere.

3, Is considered to be a small remote-controlled helicopter with aerial features the best products, affordable, functional and practical.

Flight operations:

Although the helicopter is easy to operate, good stability, but after all, is an aircraft, to control it is a science, and only continue to improve their handling skills in order to fully experience the power away from the helicopter's huge fun, it is strongly recommended that you test flight the former must read the accompanying instructions carefully, do not rush to actually operate. To manipulate play by a child, you must first fully grasp the essentials related operations and give the child timely help guide;


  • Product Item: S107C,syma 107c
  • Product Name: S107C infrared alloy with camera remote control helicopter
  • Series Name: 3 channel remote control series
  • Features: up / down, left / turn right, forward / backward
  • Full Packaged: Window Box
  • Color: Red
  • How much memory: 512MB (half an hour of recording time, camera 500) Box size: 38 * 8.5 * 29cm (L * W * H)
  • Aircraft Size: 21 * 4 * 10cm (L * W * H)
  • Charging time: about 40 minutes
  • Flight time: about 5-6 minutes
  • Charging method: USB / remote control
  • syma 107c Camera pixels: 130 million
  • Remote control distance: about 10 meters
  • Remote control batteries: 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Power battery: 3.7V/150mAh
  • Package weight: 1.5KG
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    SYMA S107C And SYMA S107C Parts List

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